School Policies

  1. Beginning of term
    To allow the young child time to adjust to preschool, every new term hours are reduced   for the first and second week of school. This period is called “phase-in” and the majority of new students adjust well to Preschool life somewhere between first week and second week.

  2. Drop off and Pick Up time :
    • Parents or guardians must accompany their child to the office door and wait until the teacher or a school assistant has greeted them. For pick-up, parents/guardians must wait near the office door. We do this for your child's safety.
    • Please make every effort to bring and pick your child up on time. It is important that your child be brought to school and pick up on time. This will give your child the consistence and sense of security that s/he needs at this time. Rare exceptions may be accommodated if discussed in advance. Should you decide to pick up your child early for whatever reason, please notified us before you pick him/her up. (There will be no exceptions fee for both matters).
    • If you will be late for reasons beyond your control, please advise us at drop-off or call our school or the home-room teacher as soon as possible.
    • We do not offer before school or after school care. Parents are expected to pick up the children on time each day.
    • As we do not provide parking area, this can become a problem. The child must be dropped punctually and pick up at the designated time. No parking at the school premises for neighborhood convenience.

  3. Security Card :
    We will distribute the student security card. This card has to be shown to the security guard/admission staff when you want to pick up your children. Only the person that is stated on the card can pick up the children, if other person will pick up the children he/she has to bring the card and the parents must ring the school. If the persons who pick up the children fail to bring the card she/he must fill out the incident report form to take the children home.

  4. Health Condition and Absence :
    • In an effort to keep everyone healthy, we have a very strict "sick child policy". If your child is not feeling well, please keep your child home until the condition has improved. Please do not bring your child to school if your child has a fever above 37oC, a contagious rash, bad cough, discharge of discolored or profuse mucus from the nose or eyes, diarrhea, sore throat, or had vomited within the last 24 hours. The school will notify the parents promptly if a child becomes ill during school hours, and will  ask that the child is fetched to be taken home.
    • In the event of emergency medical treatment, the school will promptly notify parents.
    • If your child will be absent from class, please call the school. If you will be away on holiday for an extended period, please advise the school.

  5. Ground Rules
    • If parents or guardians want to stay at school, they must stay in the place provided (not in the child play area). And please keep the place clean for the health and safety of the children. Failure to follow this rules, they have to wait outside the school premises.
    • Children and adults are asked to use "quiet voices" in the hallways and common areas at all times, respecting the work of other students in the school.
    • Our classroom is full of wonderful materials for your child to explore! We ask that the children do not bring electronic devices (Walkmans, Nintendo, gadgets) to our school.
    • We ask that children do not bring toy guns or toy weapons to school, even for show and tell. This includes laser-type space weapons.
    • We ask that children do not bring any precious item (gold bracelet or rings, expensive watch/other accessories, etc) during the school hour as well as during the outing activities or celebration.
    • We are not responsible for lost items, or clothing damaged through play and exploration.
    • At Palm Trees Montessori School, we maintain a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind. Students are not permitted to scratch, kick, and bite, hit or harm another child or member or staff. If a child hits or hurts another student, we will contact   the parent or guardian. Together, family and school will work to resolve this problem.
    • Children do not need to be accompanied by their parents/guardians in the classroom for their independence achievement.

  6. Uniforms


    The new uniform, which becomes compulsory for the start of term I, may be purchased at school. Our uniform is simple and comfortable. All students must have two new uniforms. The schedule of uniform:
    a.    Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Little Star and Sunshine class)
    b.    Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday (Toddler class)


    Elementary uniforms are blue, PRAMUKA/ boyscout,  PE and free clothes. 
    •    Monday and Thursday : BLUE uniforms.
    •    Tuesday : Free batik
    •    Physical Education (PE) clothes : check the PE schedule to the home-room teacher.
    •    Friday  Free clothes.
    The PMS dress code is intended to create a safe, non-competitive, commercial-free school atmosphere. In additional, the student attire described will facilitate comfort and ease of movement for students while completing school assignments that can vary from outside activities to laying or sitting on the classroom floor. Student dress and grooming is to reflect high standards of personal conduct so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school.

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