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Events in November

Little Star and Sunshine classes:

The theme in Little Star and Sunshine is “Fun with Letters” :

09 November :
Healthy banana in Sunshine Class

The children love banana so they will make the banana more delicious by frying the banana and give the lovely topping, such as cheese, chocolate rice, or milk. Let’s have our healthy snack…                             

14 November :
* Peanuts in Little star class

The children will have fun with the peanuts. They will have the chance to crack the peanuts skin and then boiling the peanuts, after that, of course, they will love to taste the peanuts. Mmmm… yummy

* Green grow around in Sunshine

Planting will be fun for the sunshine children and they will also have the experience of how to make their environment green and clean. Let’s support our children to go green by planting more.


Elementary Classes:

The theme in elementary is “Parents involvement in the class activities” :

02 November  : 
Nursing green salad organic by Ms Kirana Kuswardhani  (Davin’s Mom)

Let’s start taking care of the environment by nursing the green salad organic. It’s the outdoor activity and full of fun. The children will love doing it since they will directly practice and learn. 

09 November : 
Daily Safety Practice for Children  by Ms Camelia (Mahesa’s Mom)

Safety is important. Safety is the basic thing that the children need to learn for themselves. It will also encourage the children to have the inner discipline and to be aware about the situation around them. Let’s practice safety everyday, everywhere..

14 November : 
Cooking class by Andre (Elementary student – Y6)

The children want to try cooking something new that is kue santung.  Andre has got the recipe from his grand-auntie, and it is surely special and yummy.  Do you want to KNOW HOW..wait for the date…

The Big Events in the end of November:

Palm trees Montessori School will have the family gathering with all the parents and teachers to build the good relationship among us.


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